As CTO of Uberlink Corporation, my duties have mainly involved the creation, organization and maintenance of Uberlink’s IT infrastructure. As an enterprise-level SaaS provider, Uberlink relies upon a robust, dependable and always-available server infrastructure that can scale as the company continues to grow, while at the same time ensuring that the user experience is unhampered by long load times, server constraints, etc.

In addition, I have developed with the CEO Rob Ackland a comprehensive roadmap for Uberlink’s technology adoption and growth, intellectual property (IP) protection, and terms of use and service agreement development. Cooperating at the strategic level has streamlined the growth of Uberlink beyond its academic-only user base into government, non-governmental organization, and private SME and large enterprise clients.

Finally, we have created novel applications of network analysis research that has improved Uberlink’s IP portfolio while at the same time expanding the available products Uberlink can provide.

Infrastructure-related duties have included:

  • creation, upgrading and maintenance of servers via Amazon Web Services, using the latest available operating systems within the Ubuntu Linux family (12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS);
  • creation of data server pipeline for social media data collection and storage via MongoDB;
  • implementation of backup protocols and sysop alerts to prevent data loss in the event of server/connection failures;
  • implementation of security fixes immediately upon public release of information pertaining to global security vulnerabilities (e.g. Heartbleed and others);
  • creation, implementation and maintenance of Uberlink’s e-commerce connections with FastSpring.


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