Oracle Trust Design and Blockchain Registry Provision (white paper 2017/b)

Blockchain as a Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) is facilitated by the provision of external data, which it cannot generally access on its own. Using “oracles” as external data providers challenges the blockchain use case by introducing a potentially weak link in the chain of trust. By designing communication and incentive mechanisms properly, however, it is possible to secure the chain of trust and verify truth-telling by an oracle in an efficient manner, preserving the power of blockchain as a DLT. This design is described within the context of using blockchain as a public ownership registry.

Download “Oracle Trust Design and Blockchain Registry Provision v1.0”
November 2017

Enabling Trust on the Blockchain (white paper 2017/a)

Blockchain technology promises to usher in a new era of transparent, immutable transactions between parties. Strengthening the trust relationship between these parties adds a layer which complements (rather than compromises) blockchain’s immense potential, by adhering to the validation-verification-audit workflow of established business practices–albeit in a new and innovative context.

Download “Enabling Trust on the Blockchain v1.1”
October 2017