Rob Ackland, Derek Chen and I developed VOSON 2.0, the successor to Uberlink Corporation‘s Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON), the company’s flagship web-hyperlink collection and analysis Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Duties included:

  • back end: refactored codebase to exploit efficiency gains provided by Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP), for the PHP and perl programming languages; developed real-time status updates via Memcached;
  • front end: updated the presention layer for HTML5, assisted by new libraries using jQuery, the Twitter Bootstrap 2 framework, the DataTables (v. 1.9) data manipulation and presentation framework (with server-side processing), and various improvments in PHP and JavaScript.
  • implemented issue tracking for Uberlink projects via Redmine; class and structure visualization via LucidChart.


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