2017 heralded the launch of VOSON 2.5, the newest version to date of the flagship SasS from Uberlink Corporation. With Robert Ackland and Francisca Bórquez, I co-developed and implemented much of the software framework, including the new VOSON+Twitter product line (discussed in a related project summary). Responsibilities included:

  • updating the VOSON software front-end and back-end software, with updated versions of jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 3, DataTables 1.10+, and many other security and productivity enhancements;
  • updated associated C++ back-end network generation code;
  • assisted Uberlink CEO Rob Ackland with the development of an all-new MySQL database convention and workflow;
  • added a major new product to the Uberlink product line-up (VOSON+Twitter), while integrating same into Uberlink’s e-commerce solution and website;
  • assisted Uberlink Communications Officer Francisca Bórquez with significant updates to documentation and user information (User Guide, FAQs on website, product description etc.)


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